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EPO Wine Island 2019

Are you a wine lover? Do you like to gift wine to friends and family over the holidays? If so, then the EPO’s Wine Island event is for you! It’s easy to register and 5 lucky participants will win bottles of wine as their reward! Read on for more information!

How it works:

  • In addition to a $20 entry fee, each participant contributes $20 which we use to purchase a bottle of wine on their behalf. If you’d prefer to donate a bottle worth at least $15, you can do so.
  • Starting November 23 every day after 7:00pm, participant names are drawn randomly; these folks are now ‘off the island’ and out of the game. All is not lost, however; you have a one-time additional $10 fee to buy another chance to win
  • These daily draws will continue until we have only 5 people left on the island. All 5 of these winners will receive bottles of wine. The exact number will be based upon the number of people participating.
  • Winners will be able to pick up their bottles at our December 13th concert

How to register:

  • To become an EPO Wine Islander, you need to register and pay the entry fee by Saturday, November 23rd at 5:00pm
  • Registration can be done either at the November 22nd concert during the intermission at the box office table, or via email to
  • The entry fee must be paid prior to entry and can be paid in one of two ways:
    1. $20 cash remitted via Interac eTransfer to PLUS a bottle of wine valued at more than $15 OR
    2. $40 cash remitted via Interac eTransfer to We will then use $20 to purchase a bottle of wine on your behalf.

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