The Music Listening Project Podcast

A feature of last season were the podcasts released by Mark Whale as part of “The Music Listening Project.” In the podcasts Mark listened to music from each of the concerts with the EPO’s artistic director, Matthew Jones, and other guests.


The podcasts were part of a research project supported by Humber College, and involved listening closely to music – a mode of listening labeled for the project: “attentive listening.”


Research participants were asked two questions: first, if they recognized “attentive listening” as a way of listening that was different from how they would normally listen; and second, if listening in this way enhanced their experience at the concerts.


The data collected showed that for most of the 38 participants “attentive listening” was a new way of listening but, at the same time, a way they recognized.

The majority of participants said they were able to use this way of listening in the concert and most of these acknowledged that “attentive listening” enhanced their experience.

Several participants have since indicated that what they learned in the project has heightened their experience in other music listening contexts.

The Future

This stage of the project is now concluded but the podcasts will continue this year and are available on the EPO website and on iTunes.

Mark and the Music Listening Project Research Team, together with the EPO, would like to thank all of those who participated in this interesting and informative research!


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