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The Swirl of Humanity

The Swirl of Humanity

The Tragic Overture by Brahms comments dramatically on the spirit of tragedy in human life. Written at the same time as the jubilant Academic Festival Overture, Brahms famously declared “one weeps, the other laughs”.

Shostakovich was more strongly affected by the vagaries of history and politics than most composers, since he lived in a country where "Big Brother" was constantly watching everyone.

It is thought that Shostakovich began his Symphony No. 10 only a few months after Stalin’s death, a political shift that brought forth a time when the Soviet government stopped bullying.

Celebration of Invention

Celebration of Invention

Franz Liszt published “Les Préludes” in 1856, and the term “Symphonic Poem” was born – a work inspiring scenes, images, or moods. Brahms’ mighty Piano Concerto was inspired by the composer’s experiences crossing the Alps to Italy as he drafted his ideas for his monumental second Piano Concerto.

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2019/2020 EPO Symphonic Season

We are very excited to share with you the 2019/2020 season of the award-winning Etobicoke Philharmonic Orchestra. Our Music Director, Matthew Jones, completed his first season with us in May and the resounding success from his hard work is best summarised by the fact that seat sales hit an all time high. Please join us and experience his vision and enthusiasm as we continue to present engaging classical music concerts in Etobicoke.

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Young Composers Competition 2019/20

The EPO is inviting submissions for its fifth Young Composers Competition. Original works scored for orchestra will be judged by a three member panel.

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