Etobicoke Philharmonic Orchestra

Our Team

We are truly a community orchestra and we survive on the great efforts of many volunteers. We are strong because we have so many people who care about this organization and give of their time. To all the players, friends, family, community members who serve on our various commitees, thank you to all.

President: Judy Gargaro
Treasurer: Brendan Bergie
Secretary: Dorothy Ward
Board Members: John Bailey, Toby Fletcher, Valerie Gibson, Peter Samuelson, Mark Whale

Patron Experience, Subscription and Ticket Sales: Toby Fletcher
Media and Advertising: Valerie Gibson
Graphic Design and Programs: Margrit Kapler
Librarian: Linda King
Box Office: Flavia Zuccarini, Brendan Bergie
Concert Recording: Marcus Reinkeluers
Stage Crew: Felix Liu and Rathoosa Balaranjan
Website: Steven Lundy, Marcus Reinkeluers
EPO News: Shari Lundy, Steven Lundy
Interim Personnel and Stage Manager: Judy Gargaro and Marisa Zubans
Refreshments: Molly Sebastian, Anne Wist
Music Community Outreach: Alan Drinnan, Judy Gargaro
Fundraising Auction Coordinator: Shari Lundy
Programme Committee: Cris Sewerin
Young Composers Competition: Jessica Monk
Student Scholarships: TBA
Bingo Volunteer Cooridinator: John Bailey

We are always in need of volunteers to give of their time. If you are interested in joining in any capacity, we would love to hear from you. You may e-mail us at or phone 416-239-5665

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