Cristina Sewerin


Cristina Sewerin

Argentinian born Cristina Sewerin emigrated with her family to Canada and grew up in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. At age 12 she began playing oboe and was immediately drawn to its expressive range and haunting, penetrating tone. Academic scholarships led her to the University of British Columbia, where she completed her Bachelor of Music Performance degree in oboe and english horn. She continued her training through the Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto's Orchestral Training Program, the Banff Centre for the Arts’ woodwind ensemble program, and additional graduate studies in music performance. She has taught oboe and oboe reed making privately and through teaching assistantships at UBC and at the Courtenay Youth Music Centre, where she was a member for multiple seasons of the Centre’s resident woodwind quintet, crisscrossing the province of British Columbia on promotional concert tours. Currently Cris performs with a wide range of GTHA orchestras and ensembles including Oakville Chamber Orchestra, Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra, Alchemy Chamber Ensemble, and Las Cinco Brisas woodwind quintet and has served as principal oboist of Etobicoke Philharmonic Orchestra for almost two decades.


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